The Authors

AntiBVBL had two primary founders – Alanna Almeda and Elena Schlossberg.

alanna_almedaAlanna Almeda worked as a programmer for the U.S. Department of Transportation until the birth of her youngest child. She has three daughters and a son with her husband of 18 years. She has lived in the Prince William area since the age of seven, and is an evangelical Christian.

Almeda formed as a response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric purported on The blog quickly surpassed all expectations, becoming the focal organizing point against the extremist views of the Help Save Manassas(HSM) organization.


ElenaSchlossbergElena Schlossberg is a stay-at-home mom with two young children. She has been active in county politics advocating on local environmental issues. She was a fundraiser and supporter of Chairman Stewart until he began championing a “crackdown” on “illegal aliens” in the county.

Her April 1, 2008 speech before the Board of County Supervisors is seen as a turning point because it challenged the Board to stand up to the intimidation tactics employed by Chairman Stewart and Greg Letiecq. She then partnered with Alanna Almeda to create and became the face of public resistance to the Probable Cause mandate.


moonhowlings2Eventually a third regular commenter was invited to became a regular contributor, the anonymous Moonhowler and Elena Schlossberg eventually started their own spin-off site –